FULL ACCESS VIP - [A!] !llmind Mentorship

FULL ACCESS VIP - [A!] !llmind Mentorship

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  • ✅ 24/7 Access to the AI Illmind Clone

  • ✅ Send an unlimited number of songs or beats to Illmind

  • ✅ Collaborate with Illmind by sending loops for potential placements

  • ✅ Receive 1 exclusive royalty-free loop from Illmind every week

  • ✅ 90% DISCOUNT on every new soundpack from Illmind

  • ✅ Access an exclusive VIP group chat with other creators

  • ✅ Enjoy exclusive Illmind songs and digital drops exclusively for VIP members

  • ✅ Access other exclusive experiences IRL and in the metaverse


  1. The Illmind Mentorship Program is a transformative experience designed to help producers break through creative blocks and build unwavering confidence in their music production skills.

  2. Through personal guidance, in-depth feedback, exclusive resources, and a supportive community, this program empowers producers at all levels to unlock their full potential and elevate their craft to new heights.

  3. With a focus on mindset, collaboration, and mastering tools, the Illmind Mentorship Program offers a comprehensive approach to music production mentorship, creating a space where producers can thrive and redefine what's possible in their music careers.


Our clone is a fully trained GPT-4 based Illmind bot (aka BlapGPT). It is extremely smart and intuitive. We took thousands of hours of content over the last 15 years of Illmind interviews, videos, podcast episodes, blog posts, tweets, one-on-one session data, critiques and live stream data to train the ultimate Illmind chat bot, thanks to the power of OpenAI.